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NAKED LOVE continues it's story and it's all up to you

 I'm sure many people still remember, in 2014 COLDPLAY came up with this super cool idea with an interactive music video that has multiple endings, actually 300 endings which  (for more, Band release interactive multiple-endings music video for Ink  ). In Japan, the following year, Namie Amuro one of the legendary pop artists in Japan, released a teaser for her new album "_genic". In one of her songs that was recorded  called '10 Million Views New Edit ', she made this virtual interactive connection while her fans could tap the screen and making it look like they had changed the scene or action. 



 Anyway, as digital changes our lives it has changed the way we enjoy our entertainment and artists have been challenging with these changes, trying to use digital in a way that provides their fans an immersive experince making it feel they have a stronger connection, making the "in the moment" and "I'm participating" feeling.  I think this is a great idea, as the love and passion for the artists just becomes more genuine.


 Today, I'd like to talk about Hiroomi Tosaka's new single "OVERDOSE" (Streaming has started but to be onsale from 20th November). Hiroomi has been running his solo project these couple of years and earlier this year, he release his digital single "NAKED LOVE"  as a second part of his "Supermoon" project and it was also named chapter 1. His solo project songs are mainly based on love songs and NAKED LOVE was no different, a very sensual sound expressing intense love. The music video starred Lauren Tsai, a model, artist and actress, know for her work with Marc Jacobs and also starring in Legion. I don't know if fans were just shocked by this but I loved the way how the expressed the music in a short film.





 I guess many of his fans, including myself couldn't wait for what to happen next, I mean if it's chapter 1 there must be something to follow.  Last week on 15th November, he started streaming his new single "OVERDOSE" and the follwing day, released the music video. I don't know where he got this inspiration, whether from COLDPLAY or Namie Amuro, even Netflix but OVERDOSE is a sequel to NAKED LOVE and those who watch it, depending on what they select, the ending changes.


 OK, COLDPLAY had 300 endings which still overwhelms me but that was annimation, OVERDOSE is all dance and drama. What fascinates me most is that Hiroomi kept his fans continously engaged from his previous songs by doing great leaks on Instagram (@3jsb_hiroomi_tosaka) using stories and normal posts to hint out, he's going to do something. Usually this buzz doesn't end withing Instagram and goes spreading across Twitter as well, so his talent doesn't end as an entertainer but also a producer and marketer.


 Enough of my giff gaff, marketing point of view I guess it's great to see artitsts in japan challenging with new things as the industry really needs a boost, regarding that only recently the industry itself realised the changes in consumer behaviour and how important it is for companies to change. 


 The music video itself, seeing is worth a thousands words, so watch it let me know what you think on Twitter or Instagram @cendres_et_lune, love to get to know you.